A serious note on a serious topic

All of us experience slumps one time or another. These are times where you might feel your game is not quite as good as it used to be, making you feel like a big rain cloud is hanging over you. This may translate to class by a lack of concentration or just overall frustration with… Continue reading A serious note on a serious topic


this is all you need to nail that audition!

Auditions are nerve-wracking and usually less than pleasant in every way – but casting directors expect you to shine in every way possible. In order to be able to do that, you should be well prepared, which is why I have made you this list of audition essentials. If you manage to bring all of… Continue reading this is all you need to nail that audition!

what role fits you best – according to your star sign

Have you ever wondered which classical ballet role fits your starsign best? Well, look no further! I have put together this "ballet horoscope" for you, by comparing each star signs' characteristics with those of some of the most iconic ballet roles.   Aries: Gamzatti You are courageous and confident - but just like Gamzatti of… Continue reading what role fits you best – according to your star sign

My dance essentials for fall

it’s official – I give in! the past two weeks I have been walking around in shorts and skirts, in tank tops and off shoulder blouses, all the while freezing my butt off because I would not admit that summer has gone and winter is, indeed, coming. Slowly I have come to the realization that… Continue reading My dance essentials for fall

the best ballet classes on YouTube

The age of social media has brought dancers so many opportunities to advance their technique - not only by watching "how to's" but also by watching an possibly following along classes by some of the greatest ballet companies of our time. With world ballet day approaching on 5th of October, I would like to take… Continue reading the best ballet classes on YouTube

cross-training the hard way: RED BULL 400

typically, dancers cross-train by visiting yoga or pilates classes. I am no stranger to this! but about a year ago, I discovered my love for running events of all kinds - the first of which being 2016's Vienna Night Run - a 5k run along the Viennese Ringstraße at nighttime - possibly more sightseeing than… Continue reading cross-training the hard way: RED BULL 400